Resealing Bath and Shower

Why not let an experienced handyman reseal the bath or shower tray for you?

It is essential to keep the silicone seal around your bath and shower in a good condition. If there are spots of mildew or mould on the sealant in your shower or tube and they re-appear fast after cleaning this is a clear indication that you need to renew it. Another visible sign that the seal is getting old and needs to be removed is when the silicone is peeling and tearing easily of the wall of the bath or shower tray. If ignored, the worn out sealant can lead to leaks, mould growth and damage of surfaces in the bathroom. Replacing the old silicone sealant around the bath or shower is a simple solution to prevent serious water damage and freshen up your bathroom.

Enjoy the flawless re-sealing of your bath or shower tray done by the best handymen in London!

Handyman Near Me will connect you with skilled professionals who can perform various sealing jobs:

  • Re-sealing of basins
  • Re-sealing of sinks
  • Re-sealing of shower tray
  • Re-sealing of bath tray

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Resealing Bath and Shower

Bath Resealing

Whether to stop a leak or just because the sealant around the tube has become mouldy, worn-out or unsightly, renewing the silicone seal is the best solution to fix the bathroom. Our skilled handymen will provide you with fast and efficient bath resealing service at the best price in London. We use a transparent or white watertight silicone sealant for this job.

Shower Tray Resealing

One of the most common leaks that can occur in your property is a direct result of damaged and worn-out silicone sealant around the shower tray. Our professional handymen can remove the old seal and apply a fresh bead of watertight silicone in your bathroom. Book our shower resealing service and get a mould and leak-free shower right away. We can use white or clear sealant for this job.

Benefits Booking Handyman Near Me

  • 24/7 Re-sealing Services
  • Experienced and reliable experts
  • Same day bookings available
  • Decide when to get the re-sealing done
  • Rely on us in an emergency situation
  • Enjoy a wide service coverage
  • We cover all London boroughs

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