A handyman is gifted with skills to perform essential home-based tasks. These include repair, maintenance or installation. For example, he or she can help fix an electric bulb, repair a broken door, landscape or even install curtains. Thus, handy workers are not only valued in London but also across the world. However, before you hire one consider the following tips.

What To Look For

Type of work

The type of work will dictate the person to employ. Although all of them may claim to be competent regarding your task, not all can have appropriate skills. For instance, some may be more experienced in ceiling repair while others may be competent in electric maintenance. Thus, if you need a ceiling repaired, it is important to question the experience of the worker. Do not hesitate to ask for references.

Work credentials

Like any other job, a handyman should provide valid certificates and licenses that prove that he or she is mandated to provide services. Insurance papers should be mandatory since this job is subject to injuries and damage. All these are aimed at ensuring quality service delivery from experienced workers and protection of property and life.

Contact details

Any serious service provider should avail all the contact information. For instance, the office address, telephone number, email, and website should be easily accessible. This information is vital before and after receiving the services. In case there is a problem after the task is completed, you can reach the worker for rectification or further advice.

Payment information

Before deciding on who to work, inquire about the payment details. Agree on the means and duration of payments. Choose a convenient payment plan to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Inquire whether the worker is comfortable with the amount, payment option, and duration.

Signed agreement

Remember to have a written document that is signed by both parties. This ensures you have entered a contract agreement before the task commences. The working conditions, cash estimates and payment details should be contained in this agreement. This document ensures no one violates the agreement and can serve as evidence in court upon violation.

Research market price

Before you agree on the amount to pay, be conversant with the prevailing wage rates. This prevents you from overpaying or underpaying. In addition, never always consider handymen persons with low charges. Possibly, those charging low amounts may be using low-quality materials or do a substandard job.

Working schedule

You should agree with the handy man on the when the work will begin and the time required for completion. For convenience purposes, ensure that he or she is not committed elsewhere. In most instances, they quit ones they get higher paying clients. To avoid this, have a written and signed working schedule. For maximum supervision, you can hire the handyman during your holidays or weekends.


The local handyman should be committed through a written document to deliver quality repair or maintenance services. In addition, he or she should guarantee you safety and full responsibility in materials used