All security experts agree that one of the first things to do when moving into a new home is to change the locks. It makes sense – you can’t be sure who might have a copy of the key to your front door. Of course, installing new locks might not be necessary for every situation. Sometimes, rekeying your locks is enough to improve your home’s security. Our professional locksmiths put together helpful information on rekeying the locks and changing them. So, if you wonder what’s the better option for your case, read on.

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Rekeying your lock can help you keep your safety and privacy without investing in a new locking mechanism.

What’s the Difference Between Rekeying and Changing a Lock?

You may decide to update who has access to your home to protect your safety or privacy. Rekeying the locks and changing them are both valid options. Both methods guarantee that old keys will no longer open the door. However, knowing the difference between the two can help you get by with the simpler, less expensive approach.

  • When you replace your old lock, you or a professional locksmith removes the old hardware and installs a new lock on your door. As a result, you will have brand new locking hardware and a new key. However, you should keep in mind that changing a lock can be more expensive than rekeying it and isn’t always necessary.
  • When you rekey a lock, you’re simply altering the lock mechanism. As a result, the old key no longer works, and you’ll get a new one for the same lock. Rekeying a lock makes more sense than changing it in many circumstances. For instance, if all the locks at your home have the same type of keyhole or are of the same brand but use different keys, you can rekey them to work with the one key.

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When to Change a Lock

You should only replace your locks if you are sure you need new ones. Because it’s generally more expensive than getting your locks rekeyed. For example, changing your locks will be better than rekeying them if your locks are old and worn out. If you want to change your locks with more modern, more secure or updated electronic locks, the same goes. If all of the doors at your place have locks of different brands and you want to be able to unlock them all with one key, you will have to change them. Changing the locks is the best option if the hardware you have installed doesn’t comply with the security standards required by your insurer.

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When to Rekey a Lock

Changing the locking hardware may be more expensive than rekeying it. If you’ve lost your keys and are worried someone will find them and enter your home, rekeying your lock should be enough because the old key won’t work anymore. A certified locksmith should be able to rekey your lock even without the key. When moving into a new home, you can’t know for sure how many copies of the keys are there and who holds them. However, if high-quality locks are installed, rekeying them can be an affordable way to ensure no one but you and your family has access to your new place.

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The prices of both locksmith services vary depending on the type of locks you are changing or rekeying.

Rekeying vs Changing a Lock Cost Comparison

Replacing the entire door lock is more expensive than rekeying it. Of course, you can save some money in both cases if you do the job yourself. Before making any decision, you should consider the cost breakdown for these two methods.

Cost of Door Lock Replacement

  • New locks prices go between £20 to £50 for the most basic models. And if you want to invest in a brand of higher quality or a smart lock, the cost will be considerably higher. In general, the prices of new locks depend on type, design, materials; also – whether it’s a simple lock or a lock-and-handle combo with additional smart technology features.
  • Professional locksmith installation in London will add between £80 to £150 or more, depending on the complexity of the lock itself.

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Rekeying Door Locks

  • Although some lock manufacturers sell rekeying tools, we don’t recommend handling this job yourself, as it may not meet your insurer’s requirements.
  • A locksmith professional in London will charge you anywhere from £50 to £70 to rekey your lock.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need professional assistance with your locks in London. We will send you the best local locksmith at a reasonable price.

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