Nobody wants to feel in danger at home. We use locks to keep our property and even – our life – safe. A home without an efficient security system cannot be considered a safe place. High-quality locks on your front and back residential doors give you peace of mind whether you are away or at home. However, to be entirely sure that your security isn’t compromised, you sometimes need to change your locks. But how do you know when it the time to do this? Why does this change need to happen in the first place? While everybody has different security needs, there are some occasions you must act and change your locks. Our professional locksmiths put down a list of 10 + situations that require an immediate replacement of a lock. 

Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

The locksmith specialists at Handyman Near Me are adamant that lock replacement is a must in this case. Even if you are sure nobody picked your purse or pocket, and you have a spare key, you can’t be entirely sure there won’t be a forced entry into your home. Whether your keys are lost or stolen, you need to change the locks to protect your property and your loved ones and avoid unnecessary risks. 

You Are Moving Into a New Home

When moving into a new place, you can easily forget about safety with all of the boxes, chaos, and tasks to be done. Nevertheless, you should replace all the door locks as soon as possible, ideally before you move in, to ensure that your new house is adequately protected. You can’t know for sure who has a spare key to your home or how many keys have been lost over the years. Replacing the locks eliminates the chance someone could use an odd key to enter your home.

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Some old locks can provide only privacy but not security.

There Are Low-Quality Locks in Your Property

Not all locks are created equal, and there are many models with different security features. Some locks are suitable for interior doors but will fail to keep burglars away when installed on your front door. Keep your home safe by investing in high-quality security locks for all vulnerable spots, such as front and back doors. This way, your protection against common forced entry techniques is higher.

Your Lock Is Not Working Properly

With multiple uses every day, wear and tear are a common thing. Over time your locks can lose effectiveness in terms of security. Many homeowners ignore small problems like difficulty turning the key, for example, but they can turn into a big issue. A malfunctioning lock increases the chance you find yourself completely locked out of your home. Calling a locksmith as soon as you notice a problem can fix it and save you a lot of stress and money. However, sometimes when your lock isn’t working as it should, the best things you can do is replace it.

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You Have Ended a Lease

If you’re lending a property and your last tenants have just moved out, it is wise to consider changing the locks. It doesn’t matter if you will be looking for new occupants or not. You can never know how many spare keys have been made during the tenancy and if someone is able to let themselves in the property.

Burglary in Your Property 

If there has been a break-in or attempted break-in, you should change your locks immediately. When such a crime occurs, it is difficult to identify all of the missing things from your place. Apart from obvious items like electronics, jewellery or cash, thieves often grab things like documents and spare keys. Even the slightest possibility of someone having access to your residential or car locks is a big enough reason to replace the locks. Moreover, when there is a forced entry or break-in attempt, thieves often damage the locks, and this can cause malfunction and lockouts.