Various situations demand changing the locks around the house, and almost all of them are linked to safety issues. In the first part of our post, we have listed a few situations when your locks’ immediate replacements are a wise idea. They vary from lost keys to moving into a new home. Today, we share 6 more cases that require changing your locks, preferably by a licensed locksmith.

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Your Locks Are Old

If your locks are worn, or it isn’t easy to open them, you have to change them as soon as possible. Faulty mechanisms may cause a lockout, which is a really unpleasant situation and can cause you a lot of stress. Also, a worn lock is easier to break into by burglars. The Handyman Near Me team of locksmiths recommends replacing your locks every few years. With new technologies, the security of older locks can become outdated quickly.

Changes in Your Household

As people come and go in your life, the issue with your safety stays. If you are going through a divorce, and your spouse has moved out, or your roommate or tenant has moved on, sometimes these are amicable separations that don’t require you to act up. However, such situations can be complicated, and if this is the case, it is time to change your locks. This will keep unwelcome people from letting themselves back into your home.

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If you aren’t sure who has access to your home, then it is better to change the locks.

You Gave Someone Your Keys

Sometimes we lend our keys to people that we don’t know that well. Dog walkers, housekeepers, service providers. Suppose you hire a professional from a reputable company. In that case, they provide a guarantee for their services, and they are vetted and insured. However, if you sense something is off, it would be wise to change the locks. If worse, they delay giving your keys back, or there is a problem when handling them that is a clear sign you should act up immediately. If in doubt that someone has access to your home, better be on the safe side and call a locksmith right away.

You Want to Secure Your Garage or Shed

An outdated or plain garage lock is a significant breach in the security of your home. Old, simple locks leave your property vulnerable to thieves. A well-timed replacement of the existing lock will allow you to avoid troubles like break-ins and car theft. The same applies to your garden shed, especially if you keep expensive things inside – sports gear, lawnmowers, or other valuable tools and equipment.

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You Haven’t Changed the Locks In a While

Professional locksmiths recommend replacing the residential locks every few years. Even if the locks are not very old, and you haven’t been in any of the situations mentioned above. The mechanisms become outdated, and this is a significant security issue as the technologies advance and changes.

Simplify Your Daily Life

At last, sometimes it’s just a good idea to replace your locks simply to make life easier. If you use different keys for each door in the house, finding the right key for each lock can be a challenge, especially in the dark. Having one key that opens all of the residential doors will make things easier. Another big plus is that you won’t have to carry around a heavy set of keys anymore.