There is not a single case in which being locked out of your home is in any way a joyful experience. If anything, being outside with no way to come in is a source of stress and frustration. Take our word for it; people get locked out more often than you think – it can happen to any of us. However, you can actually take a few steps that can help you prevent being unable to go inside of your home. Here are 3 tips from our professional locksmiths that work on locked out emergencies in London.

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Use professional key cutting service and leave the duplicate key to someone you trust.

Make a Duplicate Key

Having a duplicate set of keys to your home is one of the easiest ways to prepare for a locked-out situation. We have tons of clients who underestimated the value of giving a duplicate of their key to a family member or a friend. So inevitably, when they got locked out of their property, their only resource was calling an emergency locksmith. If you don’t have family in town, you can give a set of duplicate keys to a trusted neighbour or leave a copy in a safe place at your office. That will spare you from the stress and frustration in case you do get locked out. Not to mention, spare keys given to a friend can save you some money as you won’t have to ask for professional help to get back into your home. Nowadaydays, you can get copies of your keys made at many hardware stores. However, it’s best if you use a professional locksmith key-cutting service.

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Get your locks lubed and cleaned to keep them in good shape and avoid serious issues.

Turn Maintenance on the Locks a Top Priority

Locks tend to wear down with time and everyday use like every mechanism. So it’s crucial to schedule regular maintenance of your locks regularly by a licensed locksmith to ensure they work as they should. Although getting locked out due to a lock malfunctioning doesn’t happen as often as simply losing your keys, minor issues can quickly become real problems if overlooked. For instance, if your door locks don’t get lubed and cleaned up regularly, the dirt and debris can build up and cause jamming so you’ll need to book a lock repair service. It’s better to get ahead of this issue and ask an experienced locksmith to advise you on maintaining your locks. Additionally, getting the locks checked up by a professional will help you connect with a reliable and skilled local locksmith. In case of an emergency such as getting locked out, you’ll already know a trustworthy locksmith in your area who can help, and you won’t have to waste time searching.

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The keyless systems give you both great security and freedom.

Consider Installing Smart Locks

Smart locks entirely eliminate the need for having keys, so you’ll never have to stress about losing your keys or leaving them on the wrong side of the door. Some smart locks, like Yale smart lock range, you can lock and unlock the door with just a tap of a button in a security app you install on your phone. You can also access using a key fob or by typing your own personalised code. Moreover, keyless lock systems allow you to set temporary codes for your friends, relatives, house sitters or service providers. People can enter while you are not at home, and you can restrict their access whenever you want.

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An Emergency Solution to Any Locked Out Situation

These preventative measures can help you avoid standing outside your home with no way to get in. However, if you ever find yourself being locked out without a spare key or due to a broken key, there is no need to panic! Just call us or contact us online and get a 24/7 locksmith response.