A locksmith can change your locks if you’ve just moved into a new place. In addition, licensed locksmiths can provide you with the type of locks that best suit your particular security needs. You should call a licenced locksmith to supply and fit an appropriate lock for you so as not to invalidate your insurance. For example, a professional can replace your locks with anti-snap locks or locks that are up to the BS3621 British Standard to meet the insurance requirements. However, your local locksmith might be able to help you with many other jobs.

Locksmiths Can Provide Vast Array of Services

Most people think a professional locksmith can help them with installing new locks or a key-cutting job. However, these are just a few of the services that a locksmith can offer, but plenty of others are listed below.

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Key Cutting

Cutting all types of keys is probably one of the most popular services provided by locksmiths. Licenced professionals cut keys either by hand or using a specialised machine. They can make a replica for standard keys, as well as for security or restricted keys. So why get your keys cut anywhere other than at an experienced, professional locksmith’s shop? A locksmith offering a key cutting service can cut keys for any type of lock such as cabinet, back door, padlocks, garage door lock, etc…

UPVC Window and Door Locks

One of the most common services professional locksmiths provide is to supply, fit and repair locks on residential UPVC doors and windows. Locks for UPVC windows and doors are a specialist area of locksmithing. Most certified locksmiths will be able to provide, fit, service and repair these specific locks.

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Vehicle Keys and Locks – Auto Locksmiths

Some professionals specialise in locks and keys for cars and can offer various auto locksmith services to their clients. They help people open their car doors if their key is lost or locked in the car. Licensed locksmiths can also program transponder keys, service car key fobs, or provide a new key for your car. Auto locksmith jobs include:

  • Cutting and duplicating car keys
  • Repairing car locks and keys
  • Programming remote car keys
  • Replacing lost car keys

A locksmith can reprogram the lock of your safe.

Security Safes – Open, Supply, Fit & Repair

When choosing security safe for your home or office, a licenced locksmith will ensure you get the best safe for your needs. They will also install it correctly, giving you peace of mind that your valuables are protected. A professional locksmith can also help with the following jobs:

  • Emergency opening of safes and vaults – from digital safes to dial lock safes
  • Repair of security safes
  • Supplying and fitting safes
  • Transporting vaults or security safes

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Access Control Systems

Some professional locksmiths can also supply and install electronic access control systems. These electronic systems allow owners to control who can access their property. For example, this prevents people who do not have permission from accessing the building. Remember that locksmiths can work both on residential and commercial properties. So if you need any security updates for your business, make sure to contact a licensed locksmith.

24 Hour / Emergency Locksmith

If you’re locked out of your home – be it because of lost or stolen keys or need the locks replaced or changed, then your should turn to a licenced professional. Many locksmiths provide after-hour services for these types of situations. As the name implies, you can call a professional even in unsociable hours, weekends, or bank holidays. You should turn to your local locksmith if you need any help in case of:

  • Emergency lockout
  • Burglary
  • Lost keys
  • Need of spare key

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NB! Before you hire a locksmith, you should make sure they are DBS checked. You should also check if this particular professional has been independently accredited as inspected, vetted, and competent for the job at hand.