With or without COVID19, summer is the time of year when most of us pack our bags and go on vacation. And sadly, your home is more vulnerable to burglars when you are away. Nobody wants to worry about what’s happening in their place while enjoying their time off, and neither should you. So here are 10 tips on how to protect your home while on vacation.

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Burglars often use back doors and windows to break into your home.

Check the Windows and Doors Before You Go

Locked or not, windows and backdoors are weak spots when it comes to burglaries. So it’s worth checking these entry points a few weeks before leaving for your vacation:

  1. Make sure they can be shut and locked fitly.
  2. If necessary, book a professional locksmith to repair and replace any old or broken parts.
  3. Verify all entry points are secure on the day you leave your home.

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Use Light Timers While You’re on Vacation

Consider investing in light timers. These devices are affordable, easy to install and help prevent break-ins while homeowners are away by creating the illusion that the residents are at home. Just set the timer with on random pattern – this makes your lights turn on and off at different times throughout the day and night. The timers make it more difficult for unwanted guests to find out if the home is vacant.

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Hire a licensed locksmith to install the smart home security system and set it up for you.

Get a Home Security System

In addition to reducing the chance that you will be burglarized, most security systems offer remote access to their data. So you can quickly check up on your home from a phone or tablet while on vacation. You can even use the device to check on pets using security cameras and even lock/unlock doors in the property. And what’s even better – usually, insurance providers give a discount on your insurance if you have a home security system. Just hire a professional locksmith to install and set the system for you. This can add to your savings and could help pay for a better vacation!

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Collect All Hidden Spare Keys While You’re Away

Many burglars enter homes right through the front door, often using the resident’s hidden spare keys. So if you keep a key under a planter or in another easy-to-access spot, make sure to remove it before you go out of town. Actually, security experts recommend not holding any keys to your house anywhere around the front door, as this is the place burglars check first when attempting a break-in.

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Ask the Neighbors to Watch Over Your Home

If you are close with your neighbours and trust them, it’s a good idea to tell them you’ll be away for a few days and leave the number where they can reach you. You can also inform them about anyone who might be entering your home, like a dog walker, a friend that will be watering your plants or a house sitter. This way, your neighbours can be on the lookout for any suspicious activity around your home.