The COVID-19 pandemic brought us a decrease in travel and tourism due to lengthy lockdowns and difficulties leaving the country. However, many Londoners still have plans to leave the city for a while and go on a summer vacation. Sadly, this is the time of year when our homes are more vulnerable to burglars. If you don’t want to worry about your house security while on vacation, check the tips below. Our professional locksmith London team share how to protect your home while on vacation.

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Keep the Blinds Shut

It is a good idea to move the most valuable things you have in one of the rooms at your place and shut the blinds in that area. Don’t close all the blinds and curtains, though, as this may look suspicious. Shutting the blinds in the room, where you put the more valuable stuff, will keep them out of sight. If the burglars don’t know what lies inside your home, they will be less tempted to break in.

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Arrange for Lawn Care

The condition of the lawn speaks volumes about the owners of the house. Of course, an overgrown garden can signify that the residents are too lazy, but in most cases, burglars see it as a sign that there’s no one in the house. So, before going on vacation, it’s wise to arrange for upkeep. If you don’t use a lawn maintenance service, take some time to find a company in your area that can do this job for you while you are away.

Put away all gardening tools and lock the shed, but make sure you take the keys with you!

Clear Up Your Garden Before Leaving Town

Another thing you should do to lower the risk of theft while on vacation is to tidy up your garden. Put the expensive equipment like tools, grills, and bikes in your shed or garage. Before you leave, make sure to trim the shrubs – this way, criminals would have one less place to hide while trying to break into your property. Ensure all the gates providing access to your garden or backyard shut adequately and the locks work well. If some of the locks are old and worn out, a licensed locksmith can replace them for you. Scan the area for tools that can be used to break into your property – hammers, levers, crowbars and even bricks lying around should be put away.

Prevent Garage Break-ins While on Vacation

And while we’re talking about sheds and garages, it’s worth mentioning that these are among the most vulnerable spots on your property. People usually focus on their house or apartment security and forget that the garages and sheds often become a target for burglars. Criminals break into these buildings searching for sports equipment, tools and machines. Luckily, there are 3 easy steps to increase the security in these spots:

  1. Always keep valuables out of sight and ensure the garage door is locked when you leave for your vacation.
  2. You could install motion detector lights around the garage to scare potential intruders.
  3. If you leave your vehicle in the driveway, don’t forget to remove any spare keys to your property and the garage door’s remote. Burglars won’t hesitate to break into a car if this would give them access to your house or garage.

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Take Safety Precautions with Utilities

Protecting your house is essential while you are away, and it isn’t limited only to preventing break-ins. Increasing home security means you also want to avoid issues with your utilities – like power, gas and water. Unplug all the electrical appliances, turn off all water and gas valves. Before you leave, test if your smoke detectors are working well. Taking these measures before you go on vacation also helps to keep burglars away. Any problems with the electricity can turn off the alarms. Also, a flood can indicate there’s nobody home. In both cases, your home is less safe and vulnerable to criminals.

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Keep Your House Safe with a Sitter

It’s always a good idea to have somebody check on your home while you are away. The ideal case is to entrust your place with someone close – a friend, relative or neighbour. If not, there is another option – enlisting the services of a professional house sitter. They can collect the mail and fliers left at the door, take the garbage bins to the curb, and generally keep an eye on your home for you. These might be small jobs, but they successfully hide the fact your house is empty.

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