If the wobbly kitchen table is making you crazy, we have good news for you! Don’t rush calling a professional carpenter because you can fix it yourself! Our expert handymen share with you how to do some of the most common furniture repairs in your home fast and easy!

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Busted Handles

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you tighten the handle, it just remains wobbly. That is happening because the screw holes get stripped over time, and the screw doesn’t fit snug enough. Luckily, this is an easy furniture repair you can do yourself! Get some wood putty and fill the hole, let it dry well and drill a new hole for the screw and reattach the wood handle. Just make sure to buy a drillable putty, because some products are not suitable for the task.

Use some finishing wax to cover the ugly scratches on wood surfaces.

Scratches on Wooden Furniture

Nowadays, there are many types of wood markers and fillers designed to repair scratches on wooden furniture. However, although there is a great variety of colours, it is pretty difficult to find the perfect tone matching your furniture in most cases. Handyman Near Me’s experts recommend using paste finishing wax instead of wood markers. The shades of these products are more natural than the fillers. Moreover, if the scratch is shallow and the colour of the wood is intact, you can opt for a clear wax. The process is simple – clean the furniture and dry it well. Apply a small amount of the wax on a cotton cloth and buff over the blemish. Paste finishing wax evens the surface fast and easy.

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Shaky Table

If you constantly need to rotate the table and put cardboard under the legs to keep it steady, some of the legs may be shorter. The floor underneath could also be uneven. However, there is an easy fix to this problem. Go to the hardware store and get some nail-on glides for furniture legs. These small details are made of rubber or plastic with a nail sticking out of the surface. All you need to do is attach the element to the shorter leg of your table. If the glide isn’t thick enough, you can add a thin piece of rubber to it before attaching it to the table’s leg.

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Parts Detaching at the Seams

Often, over time, pieces start to detach at the seams, where two of the wood parts are joined together. Handyman Near Me’s carpenters recommend an easy repair you can do at home. Get some flat corner braces from your local hardware store. They are inexpensive and do an excellent job closing the gap once and for all. Get wood clamps to pull the seam tightly. Choose an inconspicuous spot where the wood pieces are thick and put the bracket over it. Drill pilot holes through the frame, place the screws and tighten them. Remove the clamps, and you are done!

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Loose Rungs on Dining Chairs

Dining chairs become wobbly after years of dragging around the table. Often, the reason is the wooden rungs that hold them together become loose and start popping out, turning the chair into a sitting hazard. Fortunately, this is one of the most straightforward furniture repairs in the house. All you need to do is to reglue these joints! Start by pulling out the rung of the chair and removing the old glue. Sand the ends of the joints and then apply a small amount of wood glue into the holes they go in. Attach the pieces together, pressing firmly and secure the parts with clamps until the glue dries well. This simple repair will hold well, especially if you invest in a good quality adhesive for wood.

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