Just because you haven’t bought custom-built furniture doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a custom-made look. — All have to do is try some of the furniture-transforming hacks yourself! With the right tools and a little creativity, you can give your flat-pack furniture an exciting and personal look.

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6. Turn the Furniture Piece Over

Yep, transforming ready-to-assemble furniture into something new could be as simple as turning it upside down. For example, if you have a tall and narrow bookcase, you can lay it on its side to convert it into a bench with storage space or into a display shelf. The key to this transformation is to try turning the furniture into different positions to see what else you can use it for. Check all the possibilities to see which looks you’ll love.

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7. Combine Different Pieces

Do you have a bed that lacks enough storage space? Or probably a desk that would benefit from extra drawers? Combine different modules of flat-pack pieces to create multi-functional furniture that best suits your needs. In some cases, you won’t even have to attach the elements, while in other you may need to use some tools and parts to assemble the furniture.

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A cabinet with drawers can look equally good in the kitchen or living room.

8. Use the Piece As Something Else

There’s no rule saying you should use the furniture for the purpose it was designed for. Reinvent any piece entirely by using it as something else. For instance – a skinny bookcase can become elegant and space-saving shoe cabinet; the bedroom commode with its drawers can be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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9. Disassemble and Reassemble in a New Way

Take the furniture apart and then think of the different ways that you could put all the elements back together and get something unique. Think of the flat-pack modules as construction materials and reassemble them into a piece of furniture you need. For example, shelves could be disassembled and turned into a desk. Or a bench could turn into a coffee table. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with the furniture you have.

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10. Revamp By Adding High-Quality Elements

Who said that you have to put together the flat-pack furniture using only the pieces from the set delivered to your home? That’s right – you can do whatever you want! Add in handles, panels or legs that are a little more posh and original to hack your way to a more exciting furniture piece. Just a warning – upgrading a ready-to-assemble piece can get pretty addictive.

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11. Give a New Look to Upholstered Pieces

There is a great option if you want to customise your sofa, armchair or another upholstered piece. Nowadays there is a wide range of slipcovers at affordable prices you can find in any home decor shop. Using textile covers can help you personalise your upholstered furniture fast and easy. Choose a slipcover that stretches enough to conform to the shape of your sofa or armchair.

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