With Spring coming just around the corner, many of us are considering making home improvements and renovations of different scale. However, if you don’t plan carefully even a simple revamp can turn into an expensive and nerve-wracking endeavour. Read which are the most common renovation mistakes that start from planning and how to avoid them with ease.

A checkup with your local authority is crucial when planning a large-scale or noisy renovation.

Not Knowing Rules and Regulations

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a renovation is overlooking the local rules and regulations. Whether you want to add an extension over your garage, or to build something completely new you would have to request planning permission anywhere in the UK. All kinds of large improvements in your property may require some permit or other kinds of paperwork, so it is safe to check regulations with your local council. Get familiar with all the rules applying in your area – like restricted hours for making noise or disposal of construction waste to avoid future problems with your renovation. Here you can check relevant information about doing building work in London.

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Make sure to choose the best time for the specific project you’re planning.

Ignoring the Peculiarities of Local Weather

British weather is famous for its vagaries and starting your project at the wrong month can really do a number on any home improvement. And although our climate is quite unpredictable, you can apply a few rules when planning your renovation. Small-scale jobs like painting or mounting furniture are a good spring project. If you are going for a renovation that entails a large amount outside work, it is generally best to start in summer. Winter months in the UK are a good time for doing groundwork as most of the plants will have died down and the soil would be softer and easier to excavate, moreover, frosty conditions can help prevent collapsing of foundation trenches.

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Renovation of old electrical installation should come before painting the walls.

Decorating Instead of Improving

Although it’s tempting to go for a quick revamping a room with a few coats of fresh paint, it is much better to check what kind of work has to be done. Sometimes the best renovations are the ones you don’t see at first glance. So you need to inspect your home and check what needs improving first. Upgrades such as changing old plumbing pipes and updating the electrical installation will improve the energy efficiency and safety of your home and always are a good investment. Waterproofing and structural issues should also be taken seriously – there’s no point decorating a room if there are cracks in the walls or a leaking roof.

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Besides expertise, professional handymen also have all the necessary tools for any job.

Lack of Competence

A lot of people often start small-scale renovations with disastrous endings inspired by Pinterest boards and home improvement blogs presenting exciting DIY projects. However, many of them fail to understand that these amazing results are a product of skills and competencies obtained over many years of practice. If you want to avoid disappointment when doing a small renovation in your home make sure to at least educate yourself before you start. Your local hardware store staff or video channels dedicated to home improvement can be of great help. Also, make sure your helpers are careful and competent – two friends and a 6 pack of beer don’t necessarily result in an immaculate paint job.

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It is good to have some funds aside in case you need to do some unplanned work.

Blowing the Budget

One of the most common mistakes that almost everyone is going to make when renovating is blowing the budget. To avoid spending your money inefficiently, always consult with professionals or tradespeople before you start. Taking witch friends who have recently done a similar home improvement as yours can also help. Also, it is wise to put some contingency funds aside, just in case you need to deal with an unexpected situation.

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Have you want to avoid the mistakes listed above the safest way to go is to hire a professional when planning a renovation. Call us and we will connect you with experienced handymen in London. Our experts can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises with the project you planned and provide a wide range of home improvement services for your renovation.