If your home has been sporting the same look for too long, it may be time for you to consider refurbishing it. A renovation will not only give a new vibe to the place but will also clean it up very well. However, many people wonder whether they should do the refurbishment in summer, winter, or spring. And we can say with confidence that summer is one of the best time to start renovating your house.

Why You Should Refurbish During Summer?

The first obvious reason for renovating in summer is that there is plenty of sunshine available. Unlike winter, the weather is neither cold nor damp. Instead, the plentiful sunlight will ensure that you will be able to make the necessary changes to the exterior of the home with ease. Plus, since the days will be longer, the workers carrying out the modification can finish off the renovation in fewer days. You will also be fully energized during the day, thanks to the warm weather. As such, you can work all day long on the renovation and still be full of energy.

Another reason why summer can be the best time for home refurbishment is the availability of contractors. During the fall, the contractors will be in huge demand for renovating homes. As such, you may find it difficult hiring a good quality contractor to modify your home. But during summer, you are guaranteed to find a good contractor. What’s more, you may also be able to get their service at a discounted rate.

And in case the renovation includes a lot of brickwork, then summer will obviously be the best time to get it done. During winter or rainy season, the dampness in the atmosphere can affect the bricks and make it very difficult to lay them properly.

Best Refurbishment Projects to Undertake During Summer

Refurbishments in the summer

Some of the best refurbishment projects to undertake in summer include:

Swap Entry Door

Over time, the entry doors will look cracked and dull due to its exposure to harsh weather. And summer is an excellent time to comfortably replace the door. This will also bump up the curb appeal of the property. Plus, prune the bushes if they are growing into the front of the door.

Replace Windows

Just as with the doors, windows also get battered down after being exposed to heat and rain over a long period of time. In addition, these battered windows will also leak in air from outside to the inside. And during winter, this will easily translate into higher electricity bills. By replacing the windows during summer, you not only give a better appearance to the home but also prepare it for the winter.

Exterior Painting

After a few years, the paint on the exterior of the home will start to flake and peel off. Some peeling is okay and is not easily detectable. However, if the paint has been flaking off too much, then the home can look pretty crooked and roughed up. Summer presents an opportunity to paint the exteriors without having to worry about any rains washing off the paint before it dries.