It’s easy to understand why ready to assemble pieces is so popular. From beds to cupboards and bookshelves, this budget and space-saving invention have pretty much transformed our attitude towards furniture. And it isn’t too complicated to put any piece together if you’re good with following instructions and have the right tools. However, sometimes it seems that all flat pack furniture look alike. Luckily, if you are craving more personal, artistic, or unique feeling in your interior, there are some cheap and easy ways to achieve it.

Check these 10+ ways to up-cycle, decorate and rearrange your way to different (and positively more exciting) furniture pieces.

Most ready to assemble furnishings come in a plain wooden finish and adding colour is a great way to give them personality.

1. Add Colour to Create a Vibrant Piece

The first (and the most obvious) way to modify any furniture is to add some colour. Most flat-pack pieces arrive in a bare wood-like finish, so painting or staining them can provide an instantly refreshed appearance. You could also cover the furniture with a colourful fabric print – if you are confident enough with the staple gun. 

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2. Personalise It By Decorating the Surface

Get artsy in order to add a little personal feeling to your home. Stencils can actually work wonders and look great on top of painted furniture. Don’t get into a complex design, though. You can start with simple geometric or minimalist shapes and achieve a chic and modern appearance.

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3. Add Mirrors

Adding some mirrors is one of the easiest ways to give some extra ‘space’ to a room, without actually making any structural changes in your home. Attach a mirror on the flat pack closet doors, and you will immediately open up the place. Not to mention that your furniture is getting even more functional this way.

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4. Removable Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a great and easy way to add some colour to any furniture. Not to mention that putting the removable layer is an inexpensive revamping hack giving a new life into any tired-looking piece. And the best part is that you are not committing to permanent changes when using peel and stick wallpaper.

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5. Change the doorknobs

Any piece with a doorknob can be transformed quickly and easily into something more sophisticated. All you need to do is to choose a set of new doorknobs and install them. As with the removable wallpaper, you are not committing to permanent changes. That makes this hack ideal for upcycling any piece in your furnished rental. 

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