There are 5 easy steps you can do to check if your home is well-secured. Here are the things you should inspect on a regular basis to prevent lockout and home invasions:

Inspect the Locks

We’ll never get tired of repeating that home security starts with checking your locks. Properly working locks of good quality nobody but yourself has access to your property. Your locks should be:

  • Fitted well
  • Compliant for home insurance (British Standard)
  • Working well, with no loose or damaged parts 
  • Without sighs of rust and other weather damage
  • Without traces of tampering

If you doubt your locks need an upgrade, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lock replacement is a sure way to prevent robbery or being locked out of your home. 

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Check Doors and Windows

Your doors, frames and windows must always be in good working order. That is the only way to be sure they cannot be open using force or applied pressure. Here are the things you need to have in mind when checking them:

  • The gap around the door or window frame should be consistent. It should be around 3mm all the way around the frames. However, this number can differ slightly depending on your door or window type. If there is a difference, then the door or window is misaligned, which means it won’t work as it should, threatening your security. A professional locksmith can address this for you.
  • Splinters or bulging could indicate the door, window, or frames have been weather-worn, or the damp has attacked them, so they may need to be replaced. A local handyman can help you with this repair.
  • Cracked glass – a crack in the surface on your door or window creates a weak point and grants easier access to burglars. If you notice a crack, you should repair or replace the glass immediately.
  • Locks – make sure to lock the doors and windows when they’re not in use, even if there is someone at home all day.

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If the door to your shed looks like this then it is time to change the lock and do some repairs.

Garden Shed and Gate

These spots are often overlooked when completing home security checks. Here is what you should do to improve your home’s security:

  • Examine the padlocks – make sure each padlock is sturdy, works properly and is not affected by erosion due to harsh weather. 
  • Where do you keep the spare keys to outbuildings? Many people leave the spares at obvious spots – under the doormat or a pot nearby. These are the places where burglars will look first.
  • Doors and Windows – much like the doors and windows of the house, it is essential to check the quality of the ones of sheds, garages, gates and other outbuildings. Check for cracks, holes, bulging, weather damage, etc.

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Examine the Burglar Alarm

Having a burglar alarm is a good step towards better home security. Still, these devices also need to be inspected every now and then. Here is what you should check:

  • Batteries – ensure they are placed well, and they have enough charge to run the alarm
  • Details – if your device is registered, confirm the details are up to date
  • Password – it is wise to change the alarm system’s password from time to time. This is especially important if your household situation has recently changed (divorce, change of roommates, etc.)
  • Sensors – test out the sensors regularly to see if they are working as they should

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Inspect the Security Lights & Sensors

Last but not least, you should inspect the outdoor security lights if you have them. 

  • Batteries – if your security lights are battery-operated, check and replace the ones that don’t work
  • Damage – repair any broken parts of your security lights; for instance, replace any broken glass. Burglars are looking for faults in your home security in the hope that they won’t get caught out, so ensure everything is in tip-top shape