Some people are quite creative with home improvement – like this woman who revamped her bathroom by changing only the grout’s colour. However, fun DIY hacks like this are of no use if you are dealing with damaged grout. Even high-quality grout wears down and get damaged over time and requires a bit of repair to restore its good shape.  If you notice cracks in the grout, there are easy ways to fix it without calling a handyman. All you need for this project is a few simple tools and quick training. Follow these pro tips on grout repair by our handymen to make your floors, bathrooms, backsplash, or feature walls look great again.

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You can get a saw like this at any hardware store – the tool will come handy for grout repair.

Repairing Cracks in Grout Using Caulk

Cracks are the most common damage of the grout. As you walk on the tiles, the filling between them grows weaker and eventually, unsightly cracks start to show. You can use caulk to fill in some small cracks and restore the look of the bonding material between the tiles. There are different types of caulk available, some of them offered in a variety of colours. Look for a product that matches the existing colour of your grout as closely as possible. Follow the steps below to repair the grout with ease:

  • Your first step will be to remove all cracked or loose grout using a grout saw or a Dremel rotary tool. 
  • Carefully apply the caulk into the cracks. To smooth it down, you can either use a plastic spoon or your fingers – just wet your hand and run the fingertip onto the caulk.
  • Make sure you allow the caulk to completely cure for at least 48 hours before walking or putting heavy furniture on the repaired spot. 

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The grout float is designed to distribute the material evenly between the tiles so it’s good getting one for this project.

Repairing Cracks Using Grout

Since grout is a porous material, it crumbles over time with normal wear. Using new grout to fill in the cracks will restore the look of tile surfaces. Also, the method allows you to make spot repairs when necessary and create a beautiful, uniform look. To repair damaged grout that’s cracking by applying a new layer of the material, follow these steps:

  • Drag a bamboo skewer along the grout line to loosen any damaged and cracked grout. Clean out the excess loosened grout with the hose attachment of your vacuum.
  • Prepare your grout: mix the dry material and some water in a small container (plastic bowl, or a cup) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Spread the fresh grout over the cracked grout lines using a grout float to ensure even application of the mixture. Drag the tool across the grout lines with slow but steady movements. This step help pack the fresh grout into the cracks and push air bubbles out.
  • Remove the excess grout from the tiles using the edge of your grout float.
  • Let the new grout sit for about five minutes (or more if indicated on the product’s label). When the material is semi-dry, wipe the tiles with a damp sponge. You can buff the tiles clean using a microfiber cloth.

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If you need to replace the old material between the tiles entirely, do not hesitate to call us and book London plumber right away