Colours make a difference in how we feel in a room – annoyed or welcomed, or cosy. And what’s even more exciting (and practical) – every colour can affect the way we perceive the space. With the right paint, you can change any room’s size and shape. Today our experts are going to share how to transform any room’s look by painting the walls in the right colour.

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Make A Small Room Look Bigger

A small room can make you feel confined and uncomfortable. If you aren’t interested in making any structural changes, you can always use the art of illusion. When a client wants to make a room look open and spacious, our painters’ favourite secret is to opt for white or light paint. Let the delicate hues dominate the walls and ceiling, and the area will feel open and large!

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Turn a Large Room into Cosy Space

Large living rooms are great, right? Well, not always! If you want to have a space that feels nice and cosy for intimate family time or a place to chill and watch movies, you need to create a comforting atmosphere. And while the big rooms are perfect when you have a big family, if there are just a few of you a large area can feel empty. Luckily, you can make even a big room feel intimate with the right paint colour. Pick darker solid colours for the walls to make the large living area appear cosier. To achieve an even more comforting atmosphere, you can use the same paint colour for the ceiling too.

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Change the Height of the Ceiling

If you always have the feeling that the room is too “pressing”, you can easily change this by creating an illusion using nothing but a few layers of paint. Apply darker colours on the walls and white or any lighter shade on the ceiling. Want to make the room feel cosier? A cower ceiling makes the space look warm and inviting. To achieve this effect, simply paint the ceiling a darker shade than the rest of the room.

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Alter the Width of the Room

Want to make that narrow room in your home to look a bit wider? There is an easy solution. Paint one of the walls AND the ceiling in a darker colour, while leaving the rest of the walls light coloured! This way, you will create an accent wall, plus you’ll make the whole space look more expansive. If you have to deal with the opposite – paint is a great way to fix it. Making a wide room look narrower will create the illusion of more harmonic proportions. To achieve a more symmetrical look, apply a darker colour of paint on the two end walls. The other walls will look great with a lighter colour and leave the ceiling white or lighter shade. The two dark walls will appear closer to each other, making the room look like it has a more regular shape.