You might not be ready to remodel your whole kitchen, but you can still refresh its look with a fresh new colour on your cupboards. Painting the kitchen cabinets is easier and cheaper than installing brand new furniture. The right paint for your kitchen cabinets can transform the room’s look while covering up dull, shabby surfaces. When deciding to paint your kitchen cabinets, the first thing you should do is to prepare them – this ensures a smooth finish. Find out what type of material your cabinets are made from before you start your DIY revamping project. Do you have wood veneer, MDF, or solid wood cupboards? When you determine the material, you can see how to prepare each of these kitchen cabinets for painting.

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Wood Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets are great for painting, but you need to sand the exterior to prepare it for painting. This is an important step, especially if the wood has already been stained or have a lacquer finish. If your kitchen cabinets are made of bare, natural wood, they may not need sanding at all. Take in mind, the wooden cabinets absorb a lot of paint – especially if you choose water-based latex paint. Use a primer to make sure you’ll get an even and thorough coverage.

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Make sure you’re using the right grit sandpaper for your kitchen cabinets.

Wood Veneer Cabinets

A wood veneer is a thin layer of hardwood covering a pressed wooden material. If your cabinets have this type of finish, you also have to sand them before painting. But before you reach out for the sandpaper, carefully inspect the surface for chips or cracks. Before sanding the veneer, you will need to repair any cracks or loose particles. Be careful not to sand too vigorously, as the veneer is merely a thin layer covering the material beneath. Your goal is to rough the surface just enough to allow your primer and paint to adhere to the cabinet.

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Laminate Cabinets

Painting laminate kitchen cabinets is not impossible. However, it’s more tricky than painting MDF or wood cupboards. Laminate is a printed plastic adhered on top of the base layer – usually a composite wood material. The surface is very smooth, so you’ll have to put in the prep work to achieve a quality finish. One of the options is to go for a laminate-specific primer or paint. Such products are specifically designed to bond to the sleek surface of the laminate furniture. The second option is to get a high-quality primer – it will go a long way in allowing the paint stick to your cabinets. You’ll still have to sand the exterior before and after priming it. Fine sandpaper is the best choice for prepping laminate cabinets – just remember to go at the material softly to avoid sanding through the surface.

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You can paint MDF kitchen cupboards and achieve great results as long as you prep them properly. When prepping MDF cabinets for painting, you have two priorities: seal the edges and use a high-quality oil-based primer. The side of MDF furniture is more porous. Suppose the cupboard doesn’t have a finished surface already. In that case, you’ll need to use some drywall compound to seal it. This will keep moisture from swelling the MDF during the painting. The other crucial thing to remember is to always use an oil-based primer. Water-based primers can get through the surface as MDF is more porous. Apply an oil-based primer as the first coat for your cabinets. You can then paint them with latex paint, which is water-based, without worrying about the absorption of moisture.

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